Radial patches
Reinforced batten pockets
Batten cars and boxes (Selden, Rutgerson, Bainbridge...)
Assembled using UV treated thread
Stainless steel pressrings on tack and clew of each reef
Leech line adjustable at each reef
Foot line
Shape-stripes, tell-tales, sailbag

Specific luff-slides on request

Polyester laminate film/film, tri-radial
Dacron HTP, crosscut
Aramid black laminate clear film, tri radial
Dacron ripstop, bi-radial
Membrane film/film
Pentex laminate film/film, tri-radial
Membrane taffeta/taffeta
Membrane LS
Aramid black laminate black film, tri radial
Polyester cruise laminate white, tri-radial
Polyester cruise laminate grey, tri-radial

Recommended accessories