TECHNIQUE VOILE - La Trinité-sur-Mer

Aware of the investissement involved in buying a sail, Technique Voile is making every effort to provide you the service and quality you have demanded since 1979.

A 40-year-old sailmaker that is experiencing a renaissance since 2016.

Technique Voile is today a sailmaker compagny that relies on versatility in it's know-how. Frédéric Duthil, new genral manager, brings expensive experience of the regattas to revitalize the compagny with the aim to serve customers better  and support sailors whatever their level.

This confidence shown by sailors did not came about by chance

We offer you sails and quality materials. Designed by a highly experienced development department, and manufactured by a professionals sails makers, the sails Technique Voile is the guarantee of a great sailing experience.


For each program, each budget,

we provide you a personalized response.

This is how we conceive our profession.