2nd step La Solitaire Urgo Le Figaro 2019
14 June 2019

During this 2nd stage of La Solitaire URGO Le Figaro, our skippers equipped with Sail Technical sails are positioned:

- Alexis Loison - Skipper, Normandy Region in 8th position

- Pierre Leboucher, Guyot Environnement in 9th position

- Benoît Mariette - navigator, Generation Senioriales, 27th

- Tom Dolan - Skipper, Smurfit Kappa, 29th




7 June 2019

1st step - Solitaire Urgo Le Figaro 2019

  - 3rd position, Pierre Leboucher

  • 3 June 2019

    Results of our skippers equipped with Technique Voile sails during ArMen Race Uship 2019:

    En Multi 2000, first position for Acapella - 2019 with Charlie Capelle
    En Class40, 2nd place for Cabinet Z Grizzly Barbershop with Cédric de Kervenoael
    En IRC A, 6th position for Qualiconsult with Jacques Pelletier, Loic et Alain (from Technique Voile)
    En IRC double, 13th place "Pour Ferdinand" with Olivier Lunven

  • 7 May 2019

    A great 2nd place for Jonas Gerckens, Fred Duthil and Benoit Hantzperg at the "Grand Prix Guyader" in Class40 aboard the Volvo 104 equipped with Technique Voile sails !!! CONGRATULATIONS !!!

  • 15 April 2019

    For our skippers equipped with sails Technique Voile :


    6th, Pierre Leboucher et Erwan Tabarly - Guyot Environnement

    11th, Alexis Loison et Frédéric Duthil - Région Normandie

    14th, Tom Dolan et Damian Foxall - Smurffit Kappa

  • 1 December 2018

     Frédéric DUTHIL, leader of the sailing Technique Voile

  • 27 September 2018

    Overall ranking of equipped skippers Sail technique during the Solitaire URGO Le Figaro 2018:

    • Thierry Chabagny, 4th
    • Erwan Tabarly, 14th
    • Loïs Berrehar, 15th
    • Pierre Leboucher, 16th
    • Frédéric Duthil, 27th
    • Tom Dolan, 31th

    Superb 4th and last stage for our skippers who are placed in 4, 5 and 6 th position for Erwan, Thierry and Frédéric.

  • 1 June 2018

    The 10th anniversary of the TOUR DE BELLE-ILE it's now at La Trinité-sur-Mer & we are partner of the event
    Technique Sailing will offer spinnaker bags, shopping vouchers and even a spinnaker at the awards ceremony !

  • 30 May 2018

    Folow Jonas Gerckens and Frédéric Duthil - currently 4th !

  • 17 May 2018

    Your imagine, we develop, we design, we manufacture . Together, let's share our passion !

  • 15 May 2018

    | Ar Men Race | Acapella Ocean, first over all
    | Grand Prix Ecole Navale GPEN | Muscadet 341, Triple Buse, first
    | Grand Prix Ecole Navale GPEN | J80 639, École Navale, 2th
    | Ar Men Race | Lann Aël, IRC 1, 3th
    Congrats all !!   #poweredbyTechniqueVoile

  • 12 February 2018


  • 5 February 2018

    Found out more about our french Network :

  • 3 January 2018

    All the Technique Voile's team wish you a very happy new year 2018 and all the best !

  • 4 July 2017

    On the occasion of 30 years of "APM", in this first weekend of July, the director Frédéric Duthil sailed on a muscadet equipped completely Technique Voile.

  • 19 June 2017

    Small summary of the results of the equipped boats Technique Voile of the last few weeks:

  • 14 June 2017

    Only 50 seconds from Adrien Hardy, Erwan crossed the finish line in Concarneau, in second position.

  • 7 June 2017

    Nice sailing conditions for the 14th edition of the 100 miles et une nuit Cerap trophy organized by the Yacht club of Dinard.

  • 12 May 2017

    Mini in May The first one arrived, the others still fighting !


  • 29 April 2017

    Congratulations to Erwan Tabarly for his 2nd place in the famous  race of “La Solo Maître Coq”! It is the very nice race that Erwan offered to us, equipped with Technique Voile.


  • 22 April 2017

    From 19 to 26 April, Technique Voile will be represented by 2 of our sailors: Pierre Chedeville and Tom Dolan at the Pornichet Select 6.50.

  • 12 April 2017

    It of under a beautiful sun that took “La Lorient BSM 2017” and that our crew Technique Voile, with Frédéric Duthil and Germain Kerlevéo, took the third place in the category boat series with a whole new set of  Technique Voile very successful.



  • 15 February 2017

    Meet our team of runners 2017:


  • 16 August 2016

    The first DreamCup to “La Trinité sur Mer” , 40 sailors are engaged on a course of 40 miles in the Bay of Quiberon.


  • 25 July 2016

    The Pornic Baiona 2016 ended with the prize giving.

  • 7 July 2016

    The 47th edition of “ La Solitaire Bompard Le Figaro” ended, a superb race filled with emotions.

  • 16 June 2016

    It’s time to the Great Race « La Solitaire du Figaro » !

  • 7 June 2019

    Trophée Marie-Agnès Péron 2019 (Winches Club) - Mini 6.50

    In serie:
      - 2sd position, Arnaud Machado - Du Leman a l'Ocean
      - 3rd position, Cloarec-Jézéquel Objectif Mini-Transat 2019 et 2021

    In proto:
      - 3rd position, Erwan Le Mené - sailing ocean

  • 20 May 2019

    Congratulations to Acapella - 2019-Proludic, for their victory at the Tour de Belle Île 2019 in the Multi2000 class, equipped with sails Technique Voile ⛵ 

    Crew: Charlie Capelle, Paulin Nicol, Renaud Mary and Marc Maupas

  • 3 May 2019

    Fredéric Duthil will participate in the Transat Jacques Vabre alongside Thibaut Vauchel, Défi Voile Solidaires En Peloton, in Multi 50, leaving on October 27, 2019.

  • 2 January 2019

    All the Technique Voile team wishes you a Happy New Year 2019! ✨✨ Best wishes !!! ✨✨

  • 26 November 2018

    Find the results of our skippers equipped with sails Technique Voile

    Rhum Multi:
    Gerald Bibot - ZED7, 12th

    Class 40:
    Jonas Gerckens – Volvo, 14th
    Rodolphe Sepho – Reve de large , 20th

    Cédric de Kervenoael – Grizzly barber shop, 29th

    Multi 50:
    Erwan LE ROUX - FenêtréA-MixBuffet, 2nd

  • 8 June 2018

    Find out our new sail in conception for the Golden Globe race with Philippe Péché !


  • 31 May 2018

    Schooner equiped Technique Voile

  • 23 May 2018


    Valentin Gautier-903 & Clement Machetel-913 powered by Technique Voile


  • 17 May 2018

    Back on the Transat AG2R La Mondiale and GUYOT Voile, 4th, powered by Technique Voile

  • 30 April 2018

    Sailing World Cup Series : 10th victory for Damien Seguin

  • 22 February 2018

    We tried our news sails of figaro with Erwan Tabarly and Pierre Leboucher

  • 7 February 2018

    Manufacturing of sail, repairs and storage

  • 17 January 2018

    We are looking for a sailmaker to join our time.



  • 23 November 2017


  • 23 June 2017

    What a race!


  • 16 June 2017

    It is after 21 hours of racing that our skippers equipped Technique Voile have crossed the finish line.

  • 9 June 2017

    This morning the team of the floor makes the new sails of "Caroline", a 50-foot lateen schooner, classified Patrimonial Iterest Ship.

     Architect: Gale ALDEN of Boston

     Construction: 1995 - Shipyard in Provence (83 - France)

  • 6 June 2017

    This morning at 10:15:

    Erwan Tabarly was forced to give up on the first leg as a result of a spreader damage. After a very good race start, in the leading group, he reported his abandonment Monday night. He is now back at Les Sables d'Olonnes.

    We sincerely hope that our skipper will find the way to repair and join the group in Spain to start the second stage. More info to come.


    Concerning our bizuth Pierre Leboucher, he is in 11th position overall and first bizuth at only 7.5 nm!

  • 3 May 2017

    Technique Voile is offering to all Muscadet teams, 20 % of discount on the purchase of new sails for the upcoming National Muscadet!


  • 25 April 2017

    This Tuesday, April 25th, we went to meet our two skippers. We followed them before the departure, on the water and at the arrival!


  • 19 April 2017

    This weekend took place in La Trinity sur Mer famous Easter regatta, the Spi Ouest France. Among all participants was 11 boats Texchnique Voile sailing.

  • 10 April 2017

    Great result of Erwan Tabarly, who finished second of “La Solo Concarneau”, Erwan stands out as one of the leaders of this season “Figaro 2017”, carried by his Technique Voile sail. Erwan aims to win “La Solitaire du Figaro 2017 ».



  • 18 October 2016

    Technique Voile was present at the Nautic Paris which took place from 3 to 11 December 2016, during a contest was organized.

  • 1 August 2016

    Rance Fremur 2016: Victory of the yacht club of dinard in the face of the yacht club of St. Briac.


  • 21 July 2016

    Les Sables-Les Acores - Les Sables

  • 22 June 2016

    Our skipper Erwan Tabarly just won the first phase of the race Solitaire Bompard Le Figaro 2016!